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We have been doing different jobs for following sectors:








 white goods sector


We help our constant partners with finding new markets.







You are invited to have a look at our trading offer that contains:


1. Near transport devices



  • gantry cranes of container, gateway, railroad and suspended type with manual and electric propulsion,
  • stationary jib and pole cranes,
  • stationary and mobile gantry hoists,
  • horizontal and inclined belt conveyors,
  • gravitational and powered roller conveyors,
  • hoisting lines, traverse hoists,
  • spare parts for gantry and other cranes, conveyors,
  • Non-typical devices, tailor-made prototypes.


Hoisting equipment

  • hosting devices,
  • chain tackles,
  • electric chain blocks,
  • hydraulic instruments,
  • hoisting lines, traverse hoists
  • lots of other kinds of hoisting technique.


 2. Filters, lubricants and revitalisants

  • Air filters
  • Oil filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Industrial filters
  • Other kinds.

Producers: Argo, Atlas Copco, Bosh Rexroth, Donaldson, EPE, Filter, Felton, Fleet guard, Hyde, Internormen, Mahle, Mann, MP-Filtri, Pall, Parker Hannifin, SF-Filter, Ultrafilter and many other.


We also regenerate filters, i.e. we change filtering tissue on kernels supplied by the customer.




  • motor oils
  • gear oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • compressor oils
  • for slide ways
  • white oils
  • thermal oil 
  • general purpose
  • special purpose
  • Universal
  • Vitaflush
  • Anticarbon
Of well-known brands:  
  •    Mobil,
  • Total,
  • Agip,
  • Shell,
  • and many others.




Revitalisants – new and non-invasive technique of machines and devices repair



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If you want to get more information about possibility of revitalisation of your device, please fill the form and we will contact you back.

















     Before the revitalisant use                     After the revitalisant usage

Revitalisation is an advanced technique of care after mechanical devices such as motors, pumps, hydraulic sets, etc. by means of chemical means added to lubricants or oils. Revitalisant strengthens upper layer of metal and produces a reinforced carbide cover. This way it rebuilds the wear-out, giving the detail extraordinary hardness and smoothness.

At the moment revitalisation technology is used in many European countries, in Asia, Australia, in USA in all branches of industry, especially in motorisation, energy, shipbuilding and mining sectors. More and more frequently it is being used motors and gearboxes of ships, bearings of steam turbines, gas and wind turbines.


  Revitalisants improve work of:

  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Gears
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Bearings
  • Transmissions  
  • Machines
  • Presses



  • bringing back devices’ parameters up to near the initial level
  • increase in lifetime or mileage of the device (1,5 up to 3 times)
  • smoothing the cooperating parts, that makes them more resistant and protected
  • fuel economy (in case of engines) up to teens percent
  • 6% to 12 % of energy economy in devices
  • lowering exhaust gases toxicity level
  • improvement of the engines power up to 3%
  • considerable noise reduction
  • reduction in vibration level
  • reduction of mechanisms breakage incidence



Gels-revitalisants are used for:

  • diesel engines
  • gasoline engines
  • high pressure pumps
  • gear boxes
  • compressors and bearings
  • hydraulic system


Our service workers will advise you in choice and dosing of these means and will accomplish this operation on-site.


Hydraulic elements

  • pump sets
  • electrical and regular valves
  • piping elements
  • oil tanks
  • manometers, thermometers and other measuring equipment
  • piping, couplings, hydraulic hoses, 



We propose elements of following producers: Bosch-Rexroth, Parker, TUBES, SETTIMA, HYDROMEGA, PALL, MAHLE.


Agregaty filtracyjne

We propose filtering sets according to the client defined parameters:

  • pumps’ debit
  • filter and cartridge selection
  • dimensions of hoses and couplings h

Our installations are fit for different aims:

  • systems emptying
  • oil filling
  • oil filtration
  • systems rinsing

Specialised oil examinations:

  • oil viscosity.
  • acidity number.
  • water contained in the oil.
  • oil cleanliness class according to NAS and ISO 4406 (laser and microscope methods).
  • content of chemical elements in the oil.
  • wear-out metal content
  • chemical elements content in oil
  • other

In case of cleanliness class microscope examination by we define solid impurities content and we identify their origin.


We attach our commentaries and recommendations to the report, that will improve given devices’ functioning.

Zachęcamy Państwa do skorzystania z naszej oferty handlowej, na którą składają się:

1.  Urządzenia transportu bliskiego



·         suwnice - bramowe, pomostowe, natorowe i podwieszane z napędem ręcznym lub elektrycznym,


·         żurawie stacjonarne przyścienne i słupowe,


·         wciągarki bramowe stacjonarne i przejezdne,


·         przenośniki taśmowe pracujące poziomo-ukośnie,


·         przenośniki rolkowe - grawitacyjne, rolkowe z napędem,


·         zawiesia, trawersy itp.,


·         części zamienne do suwnic, żurawi, wciągników, przenośników,


·         urządzenia nietypowe, prototypy na indywidualne zamówienie klienta.

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